Counseling the Culturally Diverse
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Counseling the Culturally Diverse

Theory and Practice

Derald Wing Sue, David Sue, Helen A. Neville, Laura Smith

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eBook - ePub

Counseling the Culturally Diverse

Theory and Practice

Derald Wing Sue, David Sue, Helen A. Neville, Laura Smith

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About This Book

A brand new, fully updated edition of the most widely-used, frequently-cited, and critically acclaimed multicultural text in the mental health field

This fully revised, 8 th edition of the market-leading textbook on multicultural counseling comprehensively covers the most recent research and theoretical formulations that introduce and analyze emerging important multicultural topical developments. It examines the concept of "cultural humility" as part of the major characteristics of cultural competence in counselor education and practice; roles of white allies in multicultural counseling and in social justice counseling; and the concept of "minority stress" and its implications in work with marginalized populations. The book also reviews and introduces the most recent research on LGBTQ issues, and looks at major research developments in the manifestation, dynamics, and impact of microaggressions.

Chapters in Counseling the Culturally Diverse, 8th Edition have been rewritten so that instructors can use them sequentially or in any order that best suits their course goals. Each begins with an outline of objectives, followed by a real life counseling case vignette, narrative, or contemporary incident that introduces the major themes of the chapter. In-depth discussions of the theory, research, and practice in multicultural counseling follow.

  • Completely updated with all new research, critical incidents, and case examples
  • Chapters feature an integrative section on "Implications for Clinical Practice, " ending "Summary, " and numerous "Reflection and Discussion Questions"
  • Presented in a Vital Source Enhanced format that contains chapter-correlated counseling videos/analysis of cross-racial dyads to facilitate teaching and learning
  • Supplemented with an instructor's website that offers a power point deck, exam questions, sample syllabi, and links to other learning resources
  • Written with two new coauthors who bring fresh and first-hand innovative approaches to CCD

Counseling the Culturally Diverse, 8th Edition is appropriate for scholars and practitioners who work in the mental health field related to race, ethnicity, culture, and other sociodemographic variables. It is also relevant to social workers and psychiatrists, and for graduate courses in counseling and clinical psychology related to working with culturally diverse populations.

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The Multiple Dimensions of Multicultural Counseling and Therapy

Becoming culturally competent in working with diverse populations is a complex interaction of many dimensions that involve broad theoretical, conceptual, research, and practice issues. This section is divided into four parts (each part contains a number of chapters) that describe, explain, and analyze necessary conditions that mental health practitioners must address on issues related to multicultural counseling and therapy, cultural competence, and sociopolitical influences that cut across specific populations.

The Affective and Conceptual Dimensions of Multicultural Counseling and Therapy

Chapter 1 Obstacles to Developing Cultural Competence and Cultural Humility: Understanding Resistance to Multicultural Training
Chapter 2 Multicultural Counseling and Therapy (MCT)
Chapter 3 Multicultural Counseling Competence for Counselors and Therapists of Marginalized Groups

Obstacles to Developing Cultural Competence and Cultural Humility: Understanding Resistance to Multicultural Training

Reading and digesting the content of this book may prove difficult and filled with powerful feelings for many of you. Students who have taken a course on multicultural counseling and therapy (MCT) or multicultural mental health issues have almost universally felt both positive and negative feelings that affect their ability to learn about diversity issues. It is important not to allow those emotions to go unacknowledged, or to avoid exploring the psychological meanings they may have for you. As you begin your journey to becoming a culturally competent or culturally responsive counselor/mental health professional, the road will be filled with obstacles to self‐exploration, to understanding yourself as a racial/cultural being, and to understanding the worldview of those who differ from you in race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and other sociodemographic characteristics.
The subject matter in this book and course requires you to explore your biases and prejudices, a task that often evokes defensiveness and resistance. It is important to recognize personal resistance to the material, to explore its meanings, and to learn about yourself and others. Sometimes what is revealed about you may prove disturbing, but having the courage to continue is necessary to becoming a culturally competent counselor or therapist. This chapter is specifically written to help readers understand and overcome their emotive reactions to the substance of the text, and the course you are about to take. Let us begin by sharing reactions from four past students to reading Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice (CCD) and discuss their meaning for them, and the implications for mental health practice.
Introduction to the book and videos.


Reaction #1
White Female Student:
“How dare you and your fellow caustic co‐author express such vitriol against my people? You two are racists, but of a different color … I can't believe you two are counselors. Your book does nothing but to weaken our nationalism, our sense of unity and solidarity. If you don't like it here, leave my country. You are both spoiled hate‐mongers who take advantage of our educational system by convincing others to use such a propagandistic book! Shame on you. Your book doesn't make me want to be more multicultural, but take ungrateful people like you and export them out of this great land of mine.” (Name withheld)
Analysis: This response reveals immense anger at the content of CCD, and especially at the authors, whom she labels “hate‐mongers” and “racists.” It is obvious that she feels the book is biased and propagandistic. The language of her words seems to indicate defensiveness on her part as she easily dismisses the material covered. More important, there is an implicit suggestion in the use of “people like you” and “land of mine” that conveys a perception that only certain groups can be considered “American” and that others are “foreigners.” This is similar to statements often made to people of color: “If you don't like it here, go back to China, Africa, or Latin America.” Likewise, the implication is that this land does not belong to persons of color who are U.S. Citizens, but only to White Americans.
Reaction #2
White Male Student:
“I am a student in the field of Professional Counseling and feel compelled to write you because your text is required reading in our program. I am offended that you seem to think that the United States is the only perpetrator of prejudice and horrific acts. Excuse me sir, but racism and oppression are part of every society in the world ad infinitum, not just the United States. I do not appreciate reading biased material that does not take into account all forms of prejudice including those from minorities. You obviously have a bone to grind with White people. Minorities are equally racist. Why do you take such pleasure in attacking whites when we have done so much to help you people?” (Anonymous)
Analysis: Similar to the first response, the male student is also angry and offended about the content. There is a strong feeling of defensiveness, however, that emanates from his narrative. It appears he feels unjustly accused of being bigoted and that we are implying that only U.S. society and not others are racist. To make himself feel less guilty, he emphasizes that “every society” oppresses “minority” constituents and it is not Whites alone who are prejudiced. These are actually accurate statements, but they mask the defensiveness of the student, and have the goal of exonerating him and other Whites for being prejudiced. If he can get other groups to admit they too are racist, then he feels less guilt and responsibility for his own beliefs and actions.
Reaction #3
Latina ...

Table of contents

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