Learning Google Apps Script
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Learning Google Apps Script

Ramalingam Ganapathy

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eBook - ePub

Learning Google Apps Script

Ramalingam Ganapathy

Angaben zum Buch

Über dieses Buch

Customize and automate Google Applications using Apps Script

About This Book

  • Gain insight into customizing and automating Google applications with JavaScript
  • Create add-ons for Google Sheets, Docs, or Forms; automate your workflow; integrate with external APIs; and more.
  • A step-by-step guide to building real-world solutions

Who This Book Is For

Newbies to google apps script but having practical experience in Javascript.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn about the Google Apps script platform and work with scripts to develop Google apps
  • Create custom menus and dialogs
  • Parse and send emails
  • Generate Google calendar events
  • Build Translator and RSS reader applications
  • Develop interactive web pages
  • Design interactive web-forms
  • Form a workflow application

In Detail

Google Apps Script is a cloud-based scripting language based on JavaScript to customize and automate Google applications.

Apps Script makes it easy to create and publish add-ons in an online store for Google Sheets, Docs, and Forms.

It serves as one single platform to build, code, and ultimately share your App on the Web store.

This book begins by covering the basics of the Google application platform and goes on to empower you to automate most of the Google applications.

You will learn the concepts of creating a menu, sending mails, building interactive web pages, and implementing all these techniques to develop an interactive Web page as a form to submit sheets

You will be guided through all these tasks with plenty of screenshots and code snippets that will ensure your success in customizing and automating various Google applications

This guide is an invaluable tutorial for beginners who intend to develop the skills to automate and customize Google applications

Style and approach

An easy-to-follow yet comprehensive guide, filled with many code examples and screenshots illustrating various Google Apps scripts.

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Learning Google Apps Script

Table of Contents

Learning Google Apps Script
About the Author
About the Reviewer
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Why subscribe?
What this book covers
What you need for this book
Who this book is for
Reader feedback
Customer support
Downloading the example code
1. Introducing Google Apps Scripts
Google Applications
Google Apps Script
Visual Basic for Applications
The advantages of GAS over VBA
The limitations of GAS
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Google Apps services
Creating Google Sheets in Drive and sharing them with your friends and the public
Script projects
Creating standalone script projects
Creating new projects in Sheets
Creating a custom formula in Sheets
Google Forms
Creating Forms within Google Sheet
Some research
2. Creating Basic Elements
Creating a clickable button
Showing toast when a button is clicked
Creating a custom menu
Creating a sidebar
Creating an Add-ons menu
Creating a modal dialog
Creating a modeless dialog
Debugging your script
3. Parsing and Sending E-mails
Creating Gmail Contacts by script
Accessing Sheet, cell, range, and offset
Reading and writing the Sheet data
Building a Gmail Contact search application
Building the Gmail parser application
Properties service
Downloading Gmail attachments to Drive
Sending e-mails using the MailApp service
Sending an e-mail notification on Form submission
Creating triggers manually
Creating and deleting triggers by script
Forwarding e-mails if the specific keyword is found in the message body
Sending e-mail with attachments
Embedding inline images in an e-mail message
Building an e-mail merger application
4. Creating Interactive Forms
Creating Forms using script
Publishing the script as a web application
Creating a Form using HtmlService
Submitting form using Google script API method
Creating forms using add-ons CSS and jQuery libraries
Creating an e-voting application
Creating a ticket reservation application
5. Creating Google Calendar and Drive Applications
The CalendarApp class
Creating Calendar events from a simple description
Creating simple Calendar events
Creating events with options
Creating events from Sheets data
Creating events from an external CSV file's contents
Enabling advanced Google services
Listing all the Calendars
Listing Calendar events in Sheets
Syncing events from one Calendar to another Calendar
The DriveApp class
Creating customized PDF files
Creating a Drive file routing application
Creating a Drive file search application
6. Creating Feed Reader and Translator Applications
The UrlFetchApp class
Creating a Google search application
Creating a stock quote ticker application
Logging Bitcoin quotes
RSS and Atom feeds
Skeleton of a RSS feed document
Creating an RSS reader application
Skeleton of an Atom feed document
Creating an Atom feed reader application
Using optional parameters with the UrlFetchApp class
The LanguageApp class
Creating the language translator application
Creating a document reviewing and instant inline commenting application
7. Creating Interactive Webpages
Creating a web app to render Sheet data as HTML
Creating a web app to return JSON
Converting Sheet data as a PDF file
Sending an HTTP/HTTPS request with query string
Creating RSS feed using ContentService
Creating a file upload application
Creating an employee timesheet application
8. Building a Workflow Application
Order processing workflow – steps explained
Configuring Google Sheets
Creating the Order form
Enhancing the Order form
Creating the dispatch form
Dispatching the articles
Enabling the user to acknowledge the article delivery
9. More Tips and Tricks and Creating an Add-on
Overcoming the "script exceeded maximum execution time" error
Configuring your script project to use external libraries
Using JSDoc annotations
Using the OAuth open source library
Creating, testing, and publishing add-ons
Installing add-ons from Chrome Web Store
Creating custom add-ons
Testing your add-on
Creating an add-on that uses an OAuth2 external library
Other useful links

Learning Google Apps Script

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About the Author

Ramalingam Ganapathy is an independent computer software professional with more than 15 years of working experience of JavaScript and Google Apps Script. In 1985, he started his career as a digital electronic circuit designer and service engineer. Highly interested in reading technical books and building electroni...