Splunk Developer's Guide
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Splunk Developer's Guide

Kyle Smith

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eBook - ePub

Splunk Developer's Guide

Kyle Smith

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Splunk Developer's Guide

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Splunk Developer's Guide

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Kyle Smith
Dave Dyer
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H Robert King
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About the Author

Kyle Smith is a self-proclaimed geek and has been working with Splunk extensively since 2010. He enjoys integrating Splunk with new sources of data and types of visualizations. He has spoken numerous times at the Splunk User Conference (most recently in 2014 on lesser-known search commands) and is an active contributor to the Splunk Answers community as well as on the #splunk IRC channel. He has published several Splunk Apps and add-ons to Splunk base, the Splunk community's premier Apps and add-ons publishing platform. He has worked in both higher education and the private industry, most recently as an infrastructure analyst at a Fortune 400 company. He lives in Central Pennsylvania with his family.

About the Reviewers

Dave Dyer is a disrupter, an innovative thinker, and a deconstructor of assumptions. He vigorously evangelizes the benefits of applying scientific principles to difficult-to-solve problems (for instance, modern cybersecurity). He is a security veteran and became devoted to the power of data analysis while doing plasma physics research in the CU Boulder astrophysics program. Dave is currently a use case developer/Splunk engineer/security data nerd for a large healthcare organization. In his off time, he enjoys kiteboarding, long walks on the beach, talking about his feelings, and attempting to raise a decent human being (okay, only two of those are true).
Dr. Rudy Deca, is a resourceful goal-oriented problem-solver and technology user. He obtained a master's degree in computer science from Concordia University an...

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