Frequently asked questions

What is Perlego and how does it work?

Perlego is an online learning library for academic and professional development books with powerful study tools built in. With Perlego, you buy licences and give learners their own personal online library via the web or mobile app.

How much does Perlego cost for institutions?

Perlego is priced with the student at the centre with a per seat model giving unlimited access to all materials on the platform. For academic institutions we offer volume-based discounts. The more licences you have, the less it costs. We work closely with you to find you the right price, and also to work with our publisher partners to match as many of your content requirements as possible, all for the one price.

What content is available through Perlego?

Thousands of leading publishers partner with us to increase their reach and intercept piracy. We are continually adding and expanding collections, giving you access to the latest publications. 

*For academic partners, there are a few exceptions where we do not offer an unlimited model. Content from Elsevier, Cengage Learning, Sage and Taylor & Francis is not available through Perlego’s unlimited model. We collaborate closely with you to understand and continually help you get access to the resources you are searching for. Want to know if Perlego is a good fit for you? Let’s talk.