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Unlimited access to academic books and study tools in one simple space.
We help your learners succeed
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Together, we can make learning accessible to everyone.

Perlego is an online learning library with unlimited access to over 1 million academic books and textbooks, with study features to promote active reading and drive student engagement.

We work with thousands of leading Higher Education publishers to provide students, instructors, and institutions seamless digital access to the latest academic materials for an affordable monthly subscription.

Students and instructors across the US have already benefited from accessible and affordable access to Perlego through pilot programs.

Quality, accessibility, and affordability don’t have to be mutually exclusive

Give every student access to low-cost, high-quality course materials with the world’s largest online learning library – including content by leading authors and experts, from thousands of trusted, renowned publishers, expert-authored study guides, and robust accessibility features.

Simplify and extend learning with comprehensive catalogs in 20+ disciplines

With assignment features, thousands of popular discipline-related texts, and student progress insights, Perlego advances student understanding of core concepts and offers a breadth of diverse resources in academic areas that enrich student learning and your teaching.

Simplify and extend learning with comprehensive catalogs in 20+ disciplines

Perlego’s reading features enable students to engage more deeply with their reading, with note-taking, highlighting, and instant citations. Read-aloud functionality and text customization support a wider range of student needs, and our app with offline reading functionality empowers students anywhere, anytime.


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How we support Higher Education Instructors

Case Study: Andrew Berendht, Missouri University of Science and Technology


Case Study: Professor Jacob Rohrer, Howard Payne University


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Frequently asked questions

What is Perlego and how does it work?

Perlego is an online learning library for academic and professional development books with powerful study tools built in. With Perlego, you buy licences and give learners their own personal online library via the web or mobile app.

Who uses Perlego?

Perlego users are individual students in Higher Education, individual university or college instructors and their student cohort, as well as complete academic departments or Higher Education institutions.

What content is available through Perlego?

Thousands of leading publishers partner with us to increase their reach and intercept piracy. We are continually adding and expanding collections, giving you access to the latest publications.