Citing emails

Students are not required to cite every single email they have received as they write an essay or research paper. It is however a good idea to mention valuable emails you have received, such as the ones containing vital information sent by your instructor. It shows that you are serious about referencing and that you value their opinion.

We recommend you use the following structure to cite emails:

Email Harvard reference format:

Sender’s last name, initial. (Year). Subject line of Email. [email]


  • Holding, J. (2017). “Graduation Speech” [email]
  • Franz, D. (2019). “Outboarding Process, Part 1” [email]
  • Gabriel, J. (2020) “Course Highlights” [email]
Dr. Georgia Ingles
Dr. Georgia Ingles

Georgia is an academic researcher specialising in renaissance literature, devotional poetry, and the history of religion more broadly. With degrees from the University of Cambridge, Bristol and York, she is currently a short-term fellow at the Huntington Library, California.