Academy Of Nutrition And Dietetics Complete Food And Nutrition Guide, 5th Ed
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Academy Of Nutrition And Dietetics Complete Food And Nutrition Guide, 5th Ed

Roberta Duyff

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eBook - ePub

Academy Of Nutrition And Dietetics Complete Food And Nutrition Guide, 5th Ed

Roberta Duyff

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About This Book

The newest edition of the most trusted nutrition bible. Since its first, highly successful edition in 1996, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Complete Food and Nutrition Guide has continually served as the gold-standard resource for advice on healthy eating and active living at every age and stage of life. At once accessible and authoritative, the guide effectively balances a practical focus with the latest scientific information, serving the needs of consumers and health professionals alike. Opting for flexibility over rigid dos and don'ts, it allows readers to personalize their own paths to healthier living through simple strategies. This newly updated Fifth Edition addresses the most current dietary guidelines, consumer concerns, public health needs, and marketplace and lifestyle trends insections covering Choices for Wellness; Food from Farm to Fork; Know Your Nutrients; Food for Every Age and Stage of Life; and Smart Eating to Prevent and Manage Health Issues.

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Part I Wellness: Eat Smart, Get Active, Live Well


Make Your Food and Lifestyle Choices Count

In this chapter, find out about . . .
  • Wellness essentials
  • Nutrition basics: nutrients, calories, and more
  • Dietary Guidelines for Americans
  • Physical Activity Guidelines
  • Setting wellness goals and strategies
Your life is filled with choices! Every day you make thousands of choices, many related to food. Some seem trivial. Others are important. A few may even set the course of your life. But as insignificant as a single choice may seem, when made over and over, it can have a major impact on your health—and your life!
This book is about choices—those you, your family, and your friends make every day—about food, nutrition, physical activity, and health. Within its pages, you’ll find food and nutrition information, as well as reliable and sound, positive advice, based on current scientific evidence. You’ll find useful, practical tips, flexible guidelines, and simple tools to make healthy food and drink choices in almost any situation and at every stage of life—and to enjoy the pleasures and flavors of food and eating together, too. After all, taste is the number one reason most people choose one food over another. Eating for health is one of the wisest decisions you’ll ever make!

Wellness: Your Overall Health

Let’s start the journey with a question: What does wellness, or being healthy, mean to you? Perhaps it’s just being free of disease or health problems? Or having plenty of energy for everyday work and living? Or having a trim or muscular body? Or being able to finish a 10K run or fitness walk?
Actually, wellness is even broader and more personal. It refers to your own optimal health and overall level of fitness. Wellness is your good health—at its very best!

What Is “Healthy”?

Wellness, or being healthy, results from physical health, plus emotional and mental well-being. In fact, all three are interconnected. And smart eating and active living are fundamental to each one.
The benefits of being healthy throughout life are enormous. When you’re fit, you have:
  • Energy to do what’s important to you and to be more productive
  • Stamina and a positive outlook to handle the mental challenges and emotional ups and downs of everyday life and to deal with stress
  • Reduced risk for many health problems, including serious, often life-changing diseases such as heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and osteoporosis
  • The opportunity to look and feel your personal best
  • The physical strength and endurance to protect yourself in case of an emergency
  • A better chance for a higher quality of life, and perhaps a longer one, too!
Good nutrition helps ensure a healthy pregnancy and successful breastfeeding. Well-nourished, physically active children and teens grow, develop, and learn better. Healthful eating and active living help people at every age and stage of life feel their best and work productively. They may even slow aging—a benefit most people yearn for.
The sooner healthy eating and regular physical activity become your priorities, the better your overall health and quality of life will be!

Table of contents