Counterfactualism in the Fine Arts
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Counterfactualism in the Fine Arts

Elke Reinhuber

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eBook - ePub

Counterfactualism in the Fine Arts

Elke Reinhuber

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About This Book

Counterfactual thinking has become an established method to evaluate decisions in a range of disciplines, including history, psychology and literature. Elke Reinhuber argues it also has valuable applications in the fine arts and popular media.

A fascination with the path not taken is a logical consequence of a world saturated with choices. Art which provokes and explores these tendencies can help to recognise and contextualise the impulse to avoid or endlessly revisit individual or collective decisions. Reinhuber describes the term in broad strokes through the disciplines to show how counterfactualism finds shape in contemporary art forms, especially in photography, film, and immersive and interactive media art (such as 360° content, virtual reality and augmented reality). She analyses the different stages of counterfactuals with examples where artists experience counterfactual thoughts in the process of art production, explore these thoughts in their artwork, and where the artwork itself evokes counterfactual thoughts in the audience.

A fascinating exploration for scholars and students of art, media and the humanities, and anybody else with an interest in choices, the art of decisionmaking and counterfactualism.

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Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half-Title
  3. Series
  4. Title
  5. Copyright
  6. Contents
  7. List of Illustrations
  8. Illustration Credits
  9. Preface
  10. Acknowledgements
  11. 1 Counterfactualism in the Fine Arts
  12. 2 Pluriverse and the Best of All Possible Worlds
  13. 3 Wind Back the Film of Life
  14. 4 Step 1: Choice : A Starting Point for the Moral Dilemma
  15. 5 Step 2: Decisions: A User’s Manual
  16. 6 Step 3: Counterfactual Thoughts
  17. 7 The Manifesto for Counterfactualism
  18. 8 If Only I Had… (Concepts for Counterfactual Artworks)
  19. 9 All Possible Futures
  20. Bibliography
  21. Index