The Ultimate LinkedIn Messaging Guide
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The Ultimate LinkedIn Messaging Guide

How to Use Written, Audio, Video and InMail Messages to Start More Conversations and Increase Sales

Daniel Disney

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eBook - ePub

The Ultimate LinkedIn Messaging Guide

How to Use Written, Audio, Video and InMail Messages to Start More Conversations and Increase Sales

Daniel Disney

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About This Book

Get people to read, listen to, and watch your LinkedIn messages

The Ultimate LinkedIn Messaging Guide is for salespeople, businesses, recruiters, and LinkedIn users who struggle to get replies and results on the essential business platform. In this book, author Daniel Disney shows you just how powerful LinkedIn can be when you figure out how to do it right. You'll discover how to use LinkedIn messages to get noticed by employers, get attention to your business, and close deals. When you master LinkedIn messaging with the proven tips inside this book, you'll be able to start more conversations, create more opportunities and drive more sales and revenue.

What you're looking for is out there – if you know how to reach the people who can help. But in this age of information overload, no one will respond to a spammy message, call, or e-mail. You need to stand out and prove that you're legitimate. In this book, you'll find real examples of successful messages, as well as over 50 message templates and scripts for written, audio, video and InMail messages. There are also QR codes throughout the book that take you to recorded examples of video and audio messages so you can see and hear them in action.

  • Learn how to send personalised connection requests and LinkedIn messages that prompt people to talk to you
  • Discover tips for building your network and reaching the decision makers at any company
  • Leverage the power of audio and video messages to connect more effectively on LinkedIn
  • Follow up and convert replies into sales, job offers, and high-value relationships

If you've struggled to get noticed, meet the right people, and close deals, The Ultimate LinkedIn Messaging Guide is the tool you need to turn it around.

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