Coffee's for Closers
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Coffee's for Closers

The Best Real Life Sales Book You'll Ever Read

Tony Morris

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eBook - ePub

Coffee's for Closers

The Best Real Life Sales Book You'll Ever Read

Tony Morris

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About This Book

Practical, real-world sales advice you can apply immediately to improve your numbers

In Coffee's For Closers: The Best Real Life Sales Book You'll Ever Read, veteran sales leader and coach Tony Morris delivers a can't-miss, hands-on guide to becoming the best salesperson you can be. This is not a book filled with high-level theories – rather it is a book that offers innovative and easy-to-understand sales techniques you can apply immediately and integrate into your daily life as a salesperson.

In the book, you'll explore tried-and-true, step-by-step tutorials on getting past gatekeepers, cold-calling, questioning, listening to customers, and crafting airtight proposals. You'll also find:

  • Expert tips on gaining commitment and closing, as well as advice on how to handle prospects' objections and stalling tactics
  • Ways to generate leads, build rapport with customers, prepare for your next sales call, and even manage your time wisely
  • Strategies for handling rejection - a frequently encountered experience for every salesperson

A practical blueprint for sales success that is heavily informed by real-world experience and commonsense, Coffee's For Closers will become one of those essential resources you rely on to inform your everyday approach to sales.

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