The Riker Regimen
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The Riker Regimen

A Guide to Optimal Human Nutrition, Longevity, and Cancer-Free Living

M.D. F.S.S.O. Riker

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eBook - ePub

The Riker Regimen

A Guide to Optimal Human Nutrition, Longevity, and Cancer-Free Living

M.D. F.S.S.O. Riker

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About This Book

It is nearly impossible today for the average person to understand what comprises a "healthy" human diet & lifestyle. The Riker Regimen provides you with the latest information about how our lifestyles and diet are contributing to our poor overall health. Dr. Riker provides a common-sense approach to optimal human nutrition and lifestyle, resulting in lifelong benefits of improved overall physical and mental wellness.

We are witnessing an unprecedented epidemic of childhood & adult obesity, type-2 diabetes, chronic inflammation, immune dysfunction, auto-immune disease, mental disorders and obesity-related cancers. The very root cause of every one of these conditions can be directly related to the food & lifestyle choices that we make each day.

As physicians, we were trained to treat disease, but never taught to understand the root cause of disease states, such as diabetes, obesity and even cancer. My goal with The Riker Regimen is to provide you with the necessary resources and evidence of how to eat, live and exercise towards a healthier, and happier version of yourself, both mentally and physically.

Written by acclaimed author, researcher, speaker, and surgical oncologist, Dr. Adam I. Riker, along with exercise coach Jody Raymond, The Riker Regimen was originally developed to help cancer patients boost their immune system to help fight their cancer. These dietary and lifestyle changes also helped to improve, and often eliminate, these "co-morbid" conditions. Dr. Riker does not claim to be the authority on human nutrition, rather he has integrated the best available data on human nutrition, to easily understand and implement these changes to your life. He encourages you to question the so-called "experts", always inviting readers to doubt and question. In the end, it is YOU who must take ownership & responsibility for your own health.

It is a lifestyle, not a diet.

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