Global Malnutrition
eBook - ePub

Global Malnutrition

Pathology and Complications

Jahangir Moini, Oyindamola Akinso, Raheleh Ahangari

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eBook - ePub

Global Malnutrition

Pathology and Complications

Jahangir Moini, Oyindamola Akinso, Raheleh Ahangari

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About This Book

Global Malnutrition: Pathology and Complications addresses various types of malnutrition including deficiencies (undernutrition), excesses (overnutrition), and imbalances in a person's intake of nutrients. Malnutrition is considered a global health crisis causing various types of chronic diseases in humans. Malnutrition is very serious when affecting children as the result can be a lifetime of serious health problems. This book addresses the importance of combating undernutrition and overnutrition. It discusses the prevalence of nutritional disorders and epidemics; assesses nutritional requirements for various populations; and focuses on special populations most affected by nutritional disorders.


· Covers various diseases caused by poor diet and nutrition

· Provides suggestions on preventing malnutrition by improving diet and nutrition

· Discusses nutritional disorders and epidemics

· Presents information on nutritional requirements in special populations

· Contains clinical case studies with critical thinking questions and answers, clinical treatments, and costs

Featuring an engaging writing style and excellent flow of material, Global Malnutrition: Pathology and Complications contains practical applications for use in clinical practice. It includes suggestions for improving diet and nutrition in order to prevent malnutrition. Figures enhance content, and questions at the end of the chapters with corresponding answers at the end of the book reinforce the subject matter.

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