Windows Server 2016 Cookbook
eBook - ePub

Windows Server 2016 Cookbook

Jordan Krause

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eBook - ePub

Windows Server 2016 Cookbook

Jordan Krause

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À propos de ce livre

Saute your way through more than 100 hands-on recipes designed to prepare any server administrator to work with Windows Server 2016

About This Book

  • Get the first book on the market to unleash the power of Windows Server 2016, which improves the lives of thousands of enterprise users
  • Be the first to leverage the advent of Containers and Nano Server on Windows Server 2016, which utilizes the resources efficiently and increases productivity.
  • This practical, recipe-based approach helps you to delivering global-scale cloud services into your infrastructure using Windows Server 2016

Who This Book Is For

This book is for system administrators and IT professionals with experience in Windows Server 2012 R2 environments who are looking to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to manage and maintain the core infrastructure required for a Windows Server 2016 environment.

What You Will Learn

  • Build the infrastructure required for a successful Windows network
  • Navigate the new Server 2016 interface efficiently
  • Implement solid networking and security practices into your Windows Server environment
  • Design your own PKI and start issuing certificates today
  • Explore the brand-new Nano Server functionality
  • Enable nested virtualization on Hyper-V and Server
  • Connect your remote laptops back to the corporate network using Microsoft's own remote access technologies, including DirectAccess
  • Provide a centralized point for users to access applications and data by configuring Remote Desktop Services
  • Compose optimal Group Policies
  • Facilitate task automation with PowerShell 5.0 scripting

In Detail

This hands-on Cookbook is stuffed full of practical recipes that will help you handle the essential administrative tasks in Windows Server 2016. You'll start by familiarizing yourself with the look and feel of Windows Server 2016, and will then learn how to navigate through some daily tasks using the graphical interface. You will see how to compose optimal Group Policies and facilitate task automation with PowerShell 5.0 scripting. We will also take a look at the functions available to provide remote network access to your traveling users, and explore the much anticipated Nano Server and Hyper-V built-in integration support that is brand new in Windows Server 2016.

By the end of this book, you will know how to take your Windows Server 2016-powered server and turn it into any common infrastructure role that might be required in your company.

Style and approach

The book follows a recipe-based approach that starts with an introduction and the installation of Windows Server 2016, then dives into the powerful features, and then ends with the concept of security.

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Windows Server 2016 Cookbook

Windows Server 2016 Cookbook

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First published: January 2015
Second edition: November 2016
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Jordan Krause
Copy Editors
Vikrant Phadke
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Project Coordinator
Nidhi Joshi
Commissioning Editor
Pratik Shah
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Disha Haria
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Mohita Vyas
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Nilesh Mohite

About the Author

Jordan Krause is a Microsoft MVP in the Cloud and Datacenter Management - enterprise security group. He has had the unique opportunity to work with the Microsoft networking technologies daily as a senior engineer at IVO Networks. Jordan specializes in Microsoft DirectAccess, and has authored one of the only books available worldwide on this subject. Additional writings include books on Windows Server 2012 R2 Administrative Cookbook and the new Windows Server 2016 Cookbook, both by Packt Publishing. He spends the majority of each workday planning, designing, and implementing DirectAccess and VPN solutions for companies around the world. Committed to continuous learning, Jordan holds Microsoft certifications as an MCP, MCTS, MCSA, and MCITP Enterprise Administrator. He regularly writes tech notes and articles reflecting his experiences with the Microsoft networking technologies; these can be found at:
Jordan also strives to spend time helping the DirectAccess community, mostly by way of the Microsoft TechNet forums. Always open to direct contact, he encourages anyone who needs assistance to head over to the forums and find him personally. Jordan lives and works in the ever-changing climate, that is, Michigan.

About the Reviewer

Florian Klaffenbach started his IT carrier in 2004 as a first- and second-level IT support technician and IT salesman trainee for a B2B online shop. After that he changed to a small company working as an IT project manager for planning, implementing, and integration from industrial plants and laundries into enterprise IT. After spending some years, he joined Dell Germany. There he started from scratch as an enterprise technical support analyst and later worked on a project to start Dell technical Communities and support over social Media in Europe and outside of the U.S. Currently he is working as a solutions architect and consultant for Microsoft Infrastructure and cloud, specialized in Microsoft Hyper-V, Fileservices, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, and Microsoft Azure IaaS.
Additionally, he is an active Microsoft blogger and lecturer. He blogs for example on his own page at or Brocade Germany Community. Together with a very good friend, he founded the Windows Server User Group Berlin to create a network of Microsoft IT Pros in Berlin. Florian is maintaining a very tight network to many vendors such as Cisco, Dell, and Microsoft as well as communities. That helps him to grow his experience and to get the best out of a solution for his customers. Since 2016 he is also a co-chairman of the Azure Community Germany. In April 2016, Microsoft awarded Florian the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Cloud and Datacenter Management.
He has worked for several companies such as Dell Germany, CGI Germany, and his first employer, TACK GmbH. Currently, he is working at MSG service AG as a senior consultant of Microsoft cloud infrastructure.
Here are some of the books that he has worked on: Taking Control with System Center App Controller, Microsoft Azure Storage Essentials, Mastering Microsoft Azure Development, and Mastering Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2013, all by Packt Publishing.

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Microsoft is the clear leader of server racks in enterprise data centers across the globe. Walk into any backroom or data center of any company and you are almost guaranteed to find the infrastructure of that organization being supported by the Windows Server operating system. We have been relying on Windows Server for more than 20 years, and rightfully so-–nowhere else can you find such an enormous mix of capabilities all provided inside one installer disc. Windows Server 2016 continues to provide the core functionality that we have come to rely upon from all previous versions of Windows Server, but in better and more efficient ways. On top of that, we have some brand new capabilities in Server 2016 that are particularly mind-bending, new ways to accomplish more efficient and secure handling of our network traffic and data.
There is a relevant question mixed into all this server talk, “We hear so much about the cloud. Isn’t everyone moving to the cloud? If so, why would we even need Windows Server 2016 in our company?” There are two different ways to answer this...

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