Referencing and Citations

Which sources should I reference?

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Which sources should I reference?

When writing your paper, keep in mind that you are required to reference any text, idea or information taken from any source. Many students protect their work by citing books and academic journals but forget to cite the blogs, documentaries and websites that have also been leveraged to build their arguments. 

Here’s a simple guide.

Sources you DO need to reference

  •  Academic Journals & Books
  •  Websites & Online Resources
  •  Magazines & Newspapers
  •  Personal Interviews
  •  Illustrations, Charts & Pictures
  •  Films & Documentaries 
  •  TV Shows & Advertisements 
  •  Emails 

Sources you DON’T need to reference

  •  Your Experiment Results 
  •  Your Observations & Conclusions 
  •  Common Knowledge
  •  Generally Accepted Facts


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