Your Messaging Sucks
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Your Messaging Sucks

Become the Brand Your Customers Love

Kim R Donlan

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eBook - ePub

Your Messaging Sucks

Become the Brand Your Customers Love

Kim R Donlan

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About This Book

The gap between what you think you offer and what your audience believes you offer is a messaging problem. It is hard to recognize because it initially appears to be an implementation or execution issue. When prospects aren't buying, it is blamed on marketing not providing the right leads. We point to the product development (and marketing) team if customers flock to a competitor. If leads abandon the sales process, we fiddle with the user experience. And when all else fails, we point to the individuals, departments, or agencies involved. Indeed, the stressed marketer, lazy salesperson, product developer, founder's lack of vision, agencies, and those stupid customers didn't get you. We never realize the core problem - how we create messaging is broken.

This book offers step-by-step guidance, advice, and workshops for marketers, founders, and agency leaders on what to do when:

? The customer perspective isn't embedded into every strategic decision

? Marketing is reactionary - lacks the power to lead with the customer experience

? Brand strategy and digital experience aren't a competitive differentiation

? The sales process is slow, painful, and confusing for everyone

? Business functions aren't working collaboratively on a product, and service customers want

? Marketing programs are stalled or aren't reaching the right people

? No one truly understands your value proposition

Like people, brands want to be heard. To be understood. Valued. Shown appreciation with purchases, loyalty, and reputation. After all the market research, product development, brand strategy, lead generation programs, and campaigns, how can it be possible that no one is listening? No one wants you. You are dumbfounded and frustrated when prospects, consumers, or investors don't hear you. When your marketing efforts don't connect with the people you believe need you, you can feel like you failed. But you didn't fail; you just followed a marketing process that failed you.

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