Beyond the Sales Process
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Beyond the Sales Process

Steve Andersen, Dave Stein

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  1. 288 pages
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eBook - ePub

Beyond the Sales Process

Steve Andersen, Dave Stein

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About This Book

If you want to gain the winning edge for your sales performance, it's time to embrace the entire customer life cycle.

Your job may be all about sales, but not your customers. Did you know that the average executive spends less than 5 percent of their time engaged in the buying of products and services? Therefore, sales professionals who focus solely on the moment of the sale have made a fatal miscalculation in understanding their customers.

Beyond the Sales Process provides you with a proven methodology for driving success before, during, and after every sale. Featuring instructional case studies from companies such as Hilton Worldwide, Merck, and Siemens, this resource reveals 12 essential strategies for salespeople wanting to take their performance to a whole new level, including:

  • Research your customer
  • Build a vision with them for their own success
  • Understand your customer's drivers, objectives, and challenges
  • Create and realize value together
  • Leverage your results to forge lasting--and mutually beneficial—relationships

If you want to successfully sell to your customers, you need to know your customers…beyond the sales process!

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Aberdeen Group, 43
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best practices in, 213
strategic, 80, 202
Account teams
alignment with customer’s decision teams, 115116, 120
as customer information source, 1112
Actionable awareness, 94
as basis for past proven value development, 188
as basis for value differentiation, 142143, 148, 155156
definition of, 91
development of, 9193
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Adecco Staffing U.S., 159164
Advice, from sponsors, 146147
Advisors, trusted, 117, 119120
Advocates/advocacy, 38, 44, 62, 146
After the sale strategies, 175252
case studies of, 237252
strategy 9: meeting and exceeding customer expectations, 177191
strategy 10: validation of success with customer, 192205
strategy 11: adaptation in approach to customer, 206222
strategy 12: expansion of customer relationship, 223236
Alignment, 38, 4041, 5960, 105121.
See also Sponsors; Supporters
adaptation in approach to, 213
as basis for competitive advantage, 107
of business objectives, 108
cultural, 108
customer’s evaluation of, 200201
decision making and, 100101
definition of, 105106
dimensions of, 107114
evaluation of effectiveness of, 120121
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internal, 7983, 108111
at multiple levels, 112114
of organizational footprints, 107108
as performance impact zone, 194, 195196, 198, 200201, 211, 213, 217, 218219
political, 95
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