Customer Service Training 101
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Customer Service Training 101

Renee Evenson

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  1. 240 pages
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eBook - ePub

Customer Service Training 101

Renee Evenson

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About This Book

This invaluable resource is the training manual you need to give your employees the thorough training, review, and--if necessary--overhaul they need in the vitally important area of customer service.

If their interactions with you and your employees were the only things your customers knew about your business, what would they say about it? Would they use descriptions such as "uninformed, " "rude, " "hot-tempered, " "uncaring"? For your customer, nothing else represents your business more than your employees; therefore, nothing is more important than arming them with the knowledge and skills they need to find the best solution for every customer.

Using scenarios, guidelines, and practice exercises, Customer Service Training 101 will train them in:

  • Creating positive first impressions
  • Speaking and writing effectively
  • Listening attentively
  • Identifying needs
  • Making customers feel valued
  • Confidently handling customer complaints

Your business plan is sound. Your product is needed. Your growth strategies are ground-breaking, but poor customer service can bring it all to a crashing halt. Equip you and your employees with the necessary skills before it's too late.

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Your First Steps Can Make a Huge Stride: The Basics

You may be wondering what has happened to customer service. Think, for a moment, about your own interactions as a customer. In the past few days, how many times were you a customer? Did you go to the grocery store or the mall? Did you visit the post office, doctor’s office, bank, dry cleaners, or your child’s school? Did you eat any meals out? Did you call a company to ask a question or shop online?
You probably were a customer more times than you realized. As a customer, you have choices. How many stores are in your mall? How many doctors are in your phone book? How many restaurants are nearby? And if you shop online, you know the choices are endless. In your interactions, how many times were you met with boredom, indifference, rudeness, or condescension? How many times were you greeted with a friendly smile and an enthusiastic attitude? Did this enthusiastic attitude come as a surprise, and were you thrilled or even grateful for the experience? Customers should never have to feel grateful for being treated well. Being treated well should be the standard.
The reality is that if you are not happy with the service at one business, you have the option of going elsewhere. When you are given great service, you are likely to go back for repeat business. You are also likely to recommend the business to your friends. As a service provider, keep in mind that your customers have the same choices you do. How you treat your customers does matter. If they are not happy with the way you treat them, they can, and probably will, go elsewhere.
Think again about your own interactions as a customer. Which ones stand out in your mind? You will remember service that is outstanding or awful. Mediocre service is soon forgotten. Be someone who is remembered for being outstanding.


We are going to take our first steps with the basics because:
The basics are the basis of customer service.
A favorable first impression is the basis of customer service. You begin providing service the moment you respond to a customer who comes into your business, calls you on the telephone, emails you, or posts on social media. When customers physically walk through your door, they take a mental snapshot of you and your surroundings. Without even thinking about it, they form a first impression. First impressions are also formed over the telephone and through online contact. How you speak, how well you listen, the words you choose, and how you write and respond all contribute to first impressions. If a customer’s first impression is favorable, you have laid the foundation for providing great customer service. If the first impression is not favorable, you will have to dig deeper to begin building your foundation.
Being courteous is the basis of customer service. Customers appreciate courteous treatment. As young children, we learned basic courtesies: to say “please” and “thank you”; to pay attention and not to interrupt when other people speak; to treat others with respect; to play fairly; to say “I’m sorry.” As adults, we sometimes forget how important these words and actions are. Courtesy words, phrases, and behaviors contain powerful messages. They show that you care.
A positive attitude is the basis of customer service. Customers appreciate a positive attitude. A great attitude can help overcome a poor first impression. Similarly, a negative attitude can destroy a favorable first impression.
Being truthful and acting in an ethical manner is the basis of customer service. Honesty is always the best policy. When you follow through on commitments and stay accountable for your actions, you show your customers that you value them and that they can rely on you to do the right thing.
By combining a favorable first impression, courteous treatment, a positive attitude, and ethical behaviors, you build a strong customer service foundation. Add effective communication skills, and you will be on your way to establishing long-lasting relationships with your customers. Once you master these customer service basics, learn how to effectively communicate, and develop skills to build strong relationships, you will confidently handle any customer in any situation.


Sally drove to Bob’s Electronic Store to look for a new television set. She walked in and spotted two employees stocking streaming devices on a display rack. They were laughing and joking with each other as they worked. Neither looked at her. Neither asked if she needed help. She asked where she could find television sets. Without looking up, one of the employees said, “They’re over there,” pointing as he answered. She wandered over to the television sets. With so many different models from which to choose, she was confused and did not know which would be best for her needs. She noticed the employees were still joking around. Sally waited a few moments and, when neither one paid attention to her, she walked out of the store.
What Went Wrong?
Sally did not form a favorable first impression of the employees at Bob’s Electronic Store. Neither stopped what they were doing to help her. Neither was courteous. They could have changed her first impression by projecting an attitude that they cared about her as a customer and by taking the time to talk with her and help her.
How Did the Customer Feel?
Sally was dissatisfied with the way she was treated. It appeared to her that the employees felt that stocking shelves and talking to each other were more important than helping her. Sally felt that her business simply did not matter to Bob’s employees. Since she did not care for the way she was treated, Sally left without doing business with them.
When you work with customers continuously, it is easy to begin taking them for granted. Taking customers for granted is never acceptable. When you do, you stop caring about how you treat them. Eventually, you may view customers as though they are intruders who take you away from your work. This was the view Bob’s employees projecte...

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