Restaurant Redefined
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Restaurant Redefined

Saamia Bukhari

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eBook - ePub

Restaurant Redefined

Saamia Bukhari

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Restaurant Redefined: Exploring Trends in the Restaurant Industry offers insight into the latest innovations gaining traction in the restaurant world today. With these insights, author Saamia Bukhari provides the building blocks for restaurants to compete in this ever-changing landscape.

Bukhari discusses the latest trends in the restaurant world through her personal experiences, research into the industry, and advice from experts.

You'll learn about key principles that drive restaurant innovation including:

  • How to use the billion dollar online food delivery industry to elevate a restaurant
  • Branding ideas that can help restaurants separate themselves from their competition
  • Sustainable practices to vary menus, increase transparency, and uplift communities

You will love this book if you are a fellow foodie looking to see the changes that could impact your dining experience in the years to come or are a restaurant owner interested in the progress of the industry.

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