Strategic Customer Service
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Strategic Customer Service

John Goodman

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eBook - ePub

Strategic Customer Service

John Goodman

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About This Book

Any organization can win more customers and increase sales if they learn to be more strategic with their customer service.

When customers complain, employees respond. The typical service model is riddled with holes. What about people and businesses who never speak up, but never come back? Learn to actively reach out, prevent problems, and resolve issues in ways that boost loyalty.

Strategic Customer Service is a data-packed roadmap that shows you how. This invaluable resource distills decades of research on the impact of great versus mediocre service. Complete guidelines and case studies explain how to:

  • Gather and analyze customer feedback
  • Empower employees to fix problems
  • Track your impact on revenue
  • Generate sensational word of mouth
  • Tap opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell

Strategic Customer Service draws on over 30 years of research from companies such as 3M, GE, and Chick-Fil-A to teach you how to transcend a good business into a profitable word-of-mouth machine that transforms the bottom line.

Why settle for passive service? Make a business case for ramping up operations—and get the tools for making it pay off. Transform customer service into a strategic function, and reap benefits far exceeding investments.

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