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The idea for Perlego was born when our founders, Gauthier and Matt, were struggling with the cost of textbooks as students. From that first search for a more affordable alternative, Perlego has grown into a business that is breaking down the barriers to education for students globally.
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The Student Room
'On my law course, I spent over £200 on textbooks in the first year…With Perlego I can read as many books as I want and it has proven invaluable during lockdown as I begin my dissertation research. This app has saved my academic career, no joke.'
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'Perlego’s changed my reading behaviour - with Amazon I needed to make sure the book was worth the money but now I can read new topics without needing to think about the cost. I’ve already read 6 or so books through Perlego, which I would not have done on Amazon.'
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