APA Citation Guide

How to Cite Conference Papers in APA Style

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Citing conference papers

Conference papers are articles written to be submitted to academic conferences and workshops, during which researchers present their results to a community of experts, usually as an oral presentation or tabled discussion.

To cite a conference paper, you should include the following:

  1. The surname and initial(s) of the author
  2. Year of publication
  3. Title of the paper
  4. Name and initial of the editor (if available)
  5. Title of the conference
  6. Location of the conference
  7. Organization (if it doesn’t feature in conference title)

The APA Style Guide recommends you use the following structure.

APA Conference Paper citation format:

Last name, initial (Year). Conference paper title. In Editor initial, last name (Ed.),Proceedings Book Title. Place of Publication: Publisher.

Tip: take note of the placement of the punctuation and use of italics.


  • Armstrong, D., Fogarty, G., & Dingsdag, D. (2007). Scales measuring characteristics of small business information systems. In W-G. Tan (Ed.), Proceedings of Research, Relevance and Rigour: Coming of age: 18th Australasian Conference on Information Systems. Toowoomba, Australia: University of Southern Queensland.
  • Winstone, N. & Boud, D. (2017). Supporting students’ engagement with feedback: the adoption of student-focused feedback practices in the UK and Australia. In Annual Conference of the Society for Research into Higher Education (SRHE). Newport, South Wales.
  • Hay, B. (2016). Drone tourism: a study of the current and potential use of drones in hospitality and tourism. In CAUTHE 2016: the changing landscape of tourism and hospitality: the impact of emerging markets and emerging destinations. Sydney, Australia.