APA Citation Guide

How to Cite Lecture Notes in APA Style

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How to cite lecture notes

At most universities, student are not required to cite their lectures. Most often, courses are built on external, academic sources, and students are encouraged to cite those sources directly and to cut out the middleman.

Nevertheless, if you choose to cite lecture notes, the APA Style Guide recommends you use the following structure.

APA Lecture note citation format:

Last name, initial. (Year).Course Title [Lecture Notes]. Unit Name and Code, University.


  • Naughton, S. (2018). Seminar 7: Transforming Organizations: strategy, structure and design [Lecture Notes]. Organisation Change Management BMO6624, Victoria University.
  • Paulson, P. (2016). Week 2: The Nature of Culture [Lecture Notes]. Anthropology 101, Columbia College.
  • Foster, T. (2004). Balance Sheets [Lecture Notes]. Financial Accounting 101, The University of Western Australia.